Entry #1

New Newgrounds Reboot

2012-11-25 01:31:35 by JorfMusic

Got a new newgrounds up and running under the new name. used to be TheWhalesWillCome so look there for all my old old old stuff.

Got a Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/JorfMusic

And a facebook: http://Facebook.com/JorfMusic

Workin on a twitter eventually

Workin on dubstep tracks currently but I'll try to keep this updated!
Gonna upload a bunch of my old tracks


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2013-03-26 21:53:55

Hey i listened to some of your stuff on your SC, are you interested in collabs?

JorfMusic responds:

Oh Snap I'd totally be down to throw some stuff together!
Msg me on soundcloud or on my facebook artist page if you're still interested, I rarely check my NG.